(4) The wood creaked

The wood creaked underfoot as Darren Debacle slipped through the hallways. He had a suspicion that after that evening’s disastrous news followed by an uncomfortable dinner that Montgomery would be overthinking things, and it was Darren’s self-proclaimed duty to stop that whenever possible. Montgomery lived up to all four syllables of his name. While Darren […]

(1) “This is insane!”

“This is insane!” the young sandy-haired man scrambled back to his feet and lifted his sword to block the next attack. “Your mother is insane!” his soot-covered friend yelled from ten steps away, dodging a spurt of flame. His laughter turned to coughing as smoke wafted through the air. “Darren you ass, this is not […]

(3)”A biologist, you say?”

“A biologist, you say?” said Darren nervously. “And, do you study anything in particular?” They had made it back to the house and snuck inside to clean up before Darren could be caught by Mrs. Menace with ruined pants and smelling of old oak. At that moment Montgomery was upstairs taking the second bath, and […]

(2) “So,” began Montgomery

“So,” began Montgomery thoughtfully as they neared his country home. “Why did you call the dragon a she? Could you tell?” He glanced to his right at Darren as they both took long strides eastward. Their shadows stretched long before them as the sun finished its descent. “Not a clue,” answered Darren cheerfully. “I figured […]